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Vocal Studio Services



Voice lessons are for ANYONE. Whether you're a veteran singer, or strictly a shower-karaoke idol.

Set yourself up for success, and learn to develop the best version of YOUR voice!


Need help with some accent work? Or perhaps you're looking to up your public speaking game?

Schedule a Speech Lesson with Alex today!

Audition Primer

Have a big callback that you really want to nail? Maybe you just need to dust off the old audition book -- an Audition Primer is the perfect solution to ease those pre-audition nerves!



Arlene H.

New York City, NY

" I didn’t think it would be possible for me, but I feel the most confident in my voice as I ever have in my entire life. Especially as a dancer, Alex has helped me fall in love with singing, and helped me gain the confidence to sing in front of anyone... I feel very ready to take on audition season, and I don’t think I would feel this ready without his constant support."

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