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                            is a New York City based performer, vocal coach, writer, and content creator who is a recent graduate of Montclair State University’s Musical Theater program (Go Red Hawks!)


Out of the depths of a Global Pandemic, a few wonderful opportunities arose for Alex:


First and foremost, he found a (really cute) best friend in a two-year-old Golden Doodle named Nola, who you can find plastered all over Alex’s Instagram.


Alex also melded his passion for the game of baseball, desire to entertain, and previous baseball-writing experience into a successful writing, streaming and content creation career. He streams often on Twitch, and currently writes for Sports Illustrated's 'Inside the Phillies.'


Finally and most notably, Alex discovered teaching. Over the last two years, Alex has found solace and fulfillment in the creation of his own personal vocal studio. Over the last two years, he's managed to teach over 550 lessons to multiple different students, and has loved every minute of it.


It’s been a strange, busy, and rewarding few years, but Alex can not wait for his next opportunity to get back on stage to do what he was born to do!

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